2020 Von den Terrassen Reserve Riesling trocken

2020 Von den Terrassen Reserve Riesling trocken


Matthias Knebel, Winningen


Now we’re talking! 100% Steillage. Feine Schieferwürze und tiefe Mineralität bei bestem Trinkfluss - Terrassenmosel pur! R = Reserve - 11 Monate auf der Vollhefe. Enorm dicht und schmelzig.


The 2018er Riesling von den Terrassen R, as it is referred to on the central part of the label, is made of casks from terraced parts of the Winninger Domgarten and the Winninger Hamm as well as declassified casks from the Winninger Uhlen which stopped their fermentation at off-dry levels of residual sugar (15 g/l). It offers a superb nose made of lemongrass, grapefruit, aniseed herbs, mirabelle, a hint of under-ripe mango, laurel, and spices. The wine is deliciously full-bodied yet playful on the zesty and creamy palate, and leaves a nice feel of complex flavors in the long and gorgeously engaging finish. Zesty elements give a great engaging side to the remarkably multi-layered after-taste. 91 - MoselFineWines

Mosel, Carl Loewen