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2021 Hermann Riesling (ehemals Riesling I)

2021 Hermann Riesling (ehemals Riesling I)


Hermann Ludes, Thörnich


  • Charakterweine mit Ecken, Kanten und Profil.
  • Über die Jahre hinweg ein durchgängiger Stil, ohne Bruch.
  • "Weine, wie man sie immer seltener an der Mosel findet" - Vinum 2020


The 2021er Riesling Hermann is an off-dry wine (with 26 g/l of residual sugar) made from fruit picked in Thörnicher Schiesslay and in the steep part
Klüsserather Bruderschaft. It offers an engaging and hugely subtle and finely chiseled nose made of pear, citrusy elements, flowers, ginger, and
fine spices. The wine comes over almost as fruity-styled on the palate at first but a ripe yet vibrating kick of acidity adds cut and precision to the
experience. The finish is incredibly juicy, intense, and yet oh-so subtle. This is a stunning success, especially considering that this is the “mere”
Estate wine from the collection! Now-2029

(MoselFineWines 2022)


Mosel, Carl Loewen

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